Wave dynamics modelling

MIKE 21 Boussinesq Waves

Simulate short and long-period wave conditions to support planning, design, and operations 


MIKE 21 Boussinesq Waves (BW) stands as the premier software for analysing wave dynamics in ports and harbours. Specifically designed to simulate various wave conditions, from short to long periods, MIKE 21 BW effectively evaluates wave disturbances, optimises harbour layouts, and ensures efficient ship movements and mooring arrangements, thereby minimising operational downtime


With scalability from small harbours to major ports, MIKE 21 BW ensures projects meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency, serving as your go-to solution for comprehensive wave studies.

This software not only simulates vessel responses to various wave conditions but also seamlessly integrates with MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis, providing an all-in-one operational assessment tool.

How does MIKE 21 Boussinesq Waves help?

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Areas of application

Coastal engineering studies

Enhance coastal structure design and protection with precise calculations of wave conditions.

Metocean condition insight

Gather insights into meteorological and oceanographic conditions to support coastal and offshore projects.

Port design and optimisation

Improve port efficiency and safety by integrating wave disturbances into port layouts.

Ship navigation planning support

Accurately predict and analyse wave conditions along shipping routes to improve route selection and planning.

Wave condition assessments

Deliver accurate wave condition forecasts and analyses including dynamic interactions like wave diffraction and reflection.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Clearly communicate your modelling results with powerful visualisation tools

Simulate wave absorption, partial wave reflection and wave transmission

Prepare accurate wave boundary conditions for various types of waves

Easily create model bathymetry using the Bathymetry Editor

Save time series data of surface elevations

Run fast simulations

Perform spectral, directional, filtering or crossing analysis of your model output

Save a large number of commonly used derived variables

Get more done in less time with the modernised MIKE Zero user interface

Access new tools, Cloud applications and an enhanced graphical overview from the redesigned MIKE Zero start page

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Related technologies

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