DHI offers unified approach to mine water management with launch of MIKE Mine

DHI has released MIKE Mine, a model-based digital twin designed to address inefficiencies in mine water management. In the mining industry, water-related data and models often exist in silos, leading to inefficient management, increased stoppages and lost productivity. Traditional methods require modelling tools to be shared across multiple service providers due to locally stored and inaccessible groundwater data and models. DHI’s newly launched MIKE Mine enables a mine to maximise the accessibility and availability of the mine's water modelling assets without the complications of sharing and licensing data and modelling products.


MIKE Mine empowers mine operators to efficiently manage, access and interact with their measured and modelled water data through an intuitive web interface. The platform not only enhances operational decisions but also reduces downtime due to water management failures and reduce the costs of sharing data and model licensing across multiple service providers. Its compatibility with existing databases and ability to host on secure, compliant cloud environments make it a versatile and secure choice for the industry's evolving needs.



Key features and benefits of MIKE Mine:


  • Streamlined data management
    • Store all water data in one secure database for full control and immediate access
    • Visualise data in intuitive map or table views
    • Upload, update and quality control data via a user-friendly web platform, saving time and reducing errors

  • Seamless integration with existing databases
    • Avoid disruption via seamless integration with existing data management systems
    • Eliminate costly overhauls or replacements by leveraging existing data infrastructure

  • Accurate model management
    • Store model data and results alongside measured data for easy comparison and verification
    • Maintain up-to-date and accurate models to support informed decision-making and reduced operational risks

  • User-friendly model interaction
    • Create new model scenarios quickly and easily through a straightforward web platform
    • Empower users of all experience levels to tailor scenarios to their needs

  • Customisable dashboarding and reporting
    • Customise dashboards to meet specific reporting requirements
    • Independently manage dashboards and reports to streamline workflows

  • Expert customer support and robust infrastructure
    • Access reliable and knowledgeable customer support from experts in MIKE Mine and groundwater management
    • Enjoy secure, ISO 27001-certified cloud hosting, ensuring compliance with industry standards and scalability to meet growing needs

‘With the ability to independently create, modify and simulate scenarios without specialised software or expertise, mine operators can directly manage both present and future mine-water needs’, says Ferdinand Flechtner, Senior Consultant at DHI. ‘This capability positions them to address critical challenges such as operational efficiency, environmental compliance and proactive risk management’, he adds.


For more information and to schedule a demo, visit dhigroup.com/technologies/mike-mine or contact Ferdinand Flechtner at fefl@dhigroup.com.


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