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Future City Flow

Reduce the consequences of sewer overflows, bypass of untreated wastewater and flooding caused by rainfall-dependent inflow and infiltration (RDII) with this powerful online service.


Future City Flow provides subscription-based access to real-time simulation software and scenario-based planning tools to help buffer the impact of weather, a growing urban population, densification and aging infrastructure. This dynamic, cloud-based service allows users to test and identify potential wastewater system improvements within a targeted budget, timeline and using existing infrastructure.


Future City Flow comes in four packages (DATA, REAL TIME, PLANNING and ENTERPRISE) and a total of seven variants that come with different features (see below).

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What's in the package?

  Data     Real-time   Planning Enterprise
Platform feature Viewer Analysis Reporting Forecast Control Planning Bundle
Best practice guide
Strategic goals
Data visualisation
Rainfall statistics
Flow analysis and KPIs  
Overflow reporting      
Flow forecasting        
Data assimilation          
Control strategies          
Forecast on Demand          
Scenario simulations          
Time & Budget planning          


* There are three levels of price based on the number of PEs of the city. Contact your local DHI office for more details and a quote.

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