Save energy, lower costs and reduce carbon footprint for your wastewater treatment plant

By using a digital twin to support advanced process control, operator training and decision-making


Operational decisions in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are often made based on experience and in-depth knowledge of the facility. As operational requirements and performance goals increase, and more and more data become available online, making the right decisions may seem like an impossible task.
This is where advanced decision support tools, such as TwinPlant, come into play. TwinPlant creates a digital twin of your WWTP and provides accurate, real-time information and forecast of effluent quality and key performance indicators, such as energy consumption and production, resource efficiency and carbon footprint. TwinPlant combines automated data processing, online and predictive modelling and real-time control, and enables you to test alternative operational strategies and different maintenance scenarios prior to implementation in the physical plant. The predictive capabilities further help you to proactively respond to events.

With TwinPlant, you can:

Reduce use of energy and chemicals and minimise carbon footprint

Rely on customisable monitoring dashboards and real-time control systems to optimise treatment processes and adapt to dynamic conditions.

Ensure discharge compliance under any conditions

Find the best solutions to manage variable conditions such as inflow, loading and weather to continuously produce required effluent quality.

Make efficient use of the plant capacity

Get the most out of your existing infrastructure by implementing intelligent setpoint control for critical processes and to maximise plant capacity.

Streamline data processing

Seamlessly assimilate and validate data from multiple sources and apply them to advanced process optimisers for process control as well as online reporting.

Take critical operational decisions in real-time

Control your plant online and take advantage of forecasting capabilities to predict plant performance and identify the best operational response to specific events.

Train plant staff

Allow experienced and new plant operators to continuously improve understanding of the plant behaviour under normal operational conditions as well as during rare events.

Access the plant remotely

TwinPlant leverages cloud scalability and accessibility and gives you and your team access to your plant anytime and anywhere, helping you take your plant performance to the next level.

See TwinPlant in action

Watch this video to see how TwinPlant can boost the efficiency of your plant.

Key application areas

Rely on TwinPlant to:
  • Monitor and predict plant performance for KPIs such as process and energy efficiency, resource recovery and CO2 footprint
  • Automate plant operation and optimise real-time control strategies
  • Reduce capital investments by efficiently using existing plant capacity and infrastructure
  • Test operational and maintenance strategies virtually, without interfering with plant operation
  • Evaluate online data, detect anomalies and inform the need for sensor maintenance
  • Perform timely risk mitigations through early warnings of undesired events

Get started!

The first step is for us to evaluate your facility to identify optimal operational and control strategies. Next, we will co-create a TwinPlant installation that addresses your operational needs, with extra focus on specific concerns and bottlenecks. Customisation can be made at multiple levels including backend data processing, model execution, frontend user interfaces and more.

The co-creation process ensures that we establish a reliable virtual representation of your plant to deliver a fit-for-purpose platform according to your needs. Talk to us for a customised plan!

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