Real-time decision-support system for wastewater treatment plants

Optimise your wastewater treatment plant online to save energy and mitigate environmental impact.


Instead of adding costly new treatment tanks or absorbing the capital expense of plant expansion, apply TwinPlant – a digital twin to your wastewater treatment operations – and receive accurate, real-time information to begin optimising the treatment processes.

Now you can! TwinPlant creates a digital twin of your wastewater treatment operations and provides accurate, real-time information on environmental and process monitoring, power consumption and chemical usage to support operational decision-making. Through a unique combination of online modelling, automated data processing and real-time control, users can run simultaneous simulations, test complex control strategies and conduct advanced experiments. Plus, adjustments can be made immediately to achieve maximum efficiency.

With TwinPlant, you can:

Increase treatment capacity

Get the most out of your existing infrastructure by implementing intelligent setpoint control for critical processes and to maximise plant capacity.

Minimise pollutant discharge to receiving waters

Better manage variable conditions such as influent flowrate and load as well as weather conditions to continuously produce required effluent quality.

Reduce consumption of energy and chemicals

Rely on fully open and customised monitoring dashboards and real-time control systems to optimise treatment processes and adapt to evolving conditions.

Streamline data processing

Seamlessly assimilate and validate data from multiple sources and apply them to advanced process optimisers for process control as well as online reporting.

Make critical operational decisions in real-time

Control your plant on-line and take advantage of real-time forecasting capabilities to run simulations automatically, reducing the time spent on model setup and reporting.

Access the plant remotely

Access the platform anywhere, with as many users as you specify. Being Cloud-based, TwinPlant makes it easy for you to take your decision-making and reporting to the next level.

See TwinPlant in action

Watch this video to see how TwinPlant can boost the efficiency of your plant.

Key application areas

Rely on TwinPlant to:

  • Predict loadings and optimise aeration
  • Track influent changes and automate strategy adjustments
  • Evaluate sensor data for anomalies detection
  • Monitor and control plant performance
  • Effectively manage wastewater resources
  • Monitor carbon emissions, energy and chemical usage
  • Test new processes within existing infrastructure
  • Perform timely risk mitigations

Get started!

The first step is for us to evaluate your facility to identify optimal operational and control strategies. Next, we will co-create a TwinPlant installation that addresses your operational needs, with extra focus on specific concerns and bottlenecks. Customisation can be made at multiple levels including backend data processing, model execution, frontend user interfaces and more.

The co-creation process ensures that we establish a reliable virtual representation of your plant to deliver a fit-for-purpose platform according to your needs. Talk to us for a customised plan!

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At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in urban water environments worldwide since 1964 through advanced modeling and customised process control.
We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for fast and simple worldwide digital access to actionable data and information.
DHI has been partnering with municipalities across the globe to introduce proven technologies for improving wastewater treatment processes within existing plant infrastructure and minimising capital investment.

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