Future City Flow


Decision-support system for integrated stormwater management

Optimise wastewater system control strategies to reduce overflows and get the highest return on investment.

Future City Flow

High flows and infiltration/inflow in both combined and separate sewer networks is a rising concern. To ensure an ample supply of safe water, comply with environmental legislation and save costs, water utilities and operators need a more efficient way to manage wastewater inflow.

Future City Flow provides access to real-time simulation software and scenario-based planning tools to help buffer weather impact, population growth, resulting densification and aging infrastructure. Accessible from anywhere, this subscription-based cloud service allows users to identify potential improvements in existing wastewater systems within a set budget and timeline. By feeding SCADA, GIS and weather data into an online forecasting model and predicted control system, Future City Flow effectively targets I&I reduction.

Achieve more with Future City Flow

Support strategy development

Formulate a comprehensive mitigation plan based on modelled and measured data including a cost-benefit assessment of actions in different locations.

Prioritise resources

Reveal which areas of your city are causing the most negative impact and conduct target-based performance evaluations.

Optimise operational control strategies

Prepare assets for expected flow increases by leveraging real-time forecasts and automated control.

Control flows in real-time

Execute weather adapted, model control-based strategies and two-way communication with SCADA for control variables and setpoints.

Achieve long-term targets

Determine where more remediation budget is required and devise target-based action plans including accumulated costs and benefits.

Save money

Put an end to spending time and money on ineffective reactive assessments and mitigation measures without proper insight of cost efficiency and expected ROI.

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Key application areas

With Future City Flow, you can:
  • Optimise the control of an entire sewer network / wastewater system
  • Execute real-time weather adapted control strategies
  • Prioritise the allocation of investments
  • Ensure wastewater is contained in green infrastructure, pipes and plants
  • Proactively evaluate which mitigation plans and actions are providing the most ROI
  • Follow up on performance with a current status outlook and comparison to KPIs

Get started!

Future City Flow features three modules – Data, Planning and Real-Time Control which can be adapted to the maturity level of the utility and operators. After understanding your needs and desired modules, we will take care of the initial configuration and then the system is ready for use!

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in urban water environments since 1964. We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for fast and simple worldwide digital access to actionable data and information.
Future City Flow builds on MIKE Powered by DHI’s powerful hydraulic and hydrologic engines trusted and recognised globally by water professionals.
Whether you’re interested in data analysis, real-time control, planning support or all three, Future City Flow offers a custom, right-sized solution to suit the specific needs of your wastewater system.

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