Cloud-based sediment modelling tool

Quickly predict dredging-related sediment spill plume dispersion for more proactive environmental impact assessments


Sediment spill from dredging activities may affect sensitive and protected species as well as natural habitats. The ability to perform quantitative and precise impact assessments not only helps optimise dredging operations and ensure regulatory compliance, but reduces unforeseen ecological risks.
Imagine being able to quickly screen and assess predicted sediment spill using state-of-the-art simulation software through a web browser, while promoting a flexible assessment process and standardised spill control procedures, scalable between projects. The process is simple, plus – no special modelling expertise required.

Assess potential impacts early

Quickly screen predicted sediment spill during the planning stage as required for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Proactively manage spills during operations

Forecast spill plumes for the following days and use those results to guide your mitigation strategy

Anyone can use the application - no special modelling expertise required

You don’t need a modelling expert on your team to use PlumeCast thanks to its straightforward and easy-to-use interface.

Have confidence in the accuracy of the results

PlumeCast uses MIKE Powered by DHI’s proven technology and cloud-optimised computational engines to model hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics and shading effect on bottom vegetation

Save time and money

Complete the approval process faster with a subscription to PlumeCast versus the higher cost and learning curve associated with traditional modelling software

Take a quick tour!

Watch how easy it is to set up a model and run a spill scenario.

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Key application areas

Use PlumeCast to:

  • Support an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as required to obtain dredging approval
  • Optimise your dredging strategy
  • Screen potential impacts for designed scenarios
  • Assess the effectiveness of mitigation measures such as silt curtains
  • Forecast spill plumes during operations to proactively manage potential impacts

Get started!

PlumeCast is easy to use. Simply enter the details of your dredging operation and execute the simulation. You will soon have results in hand that can be animated for easy visualisation and sharing with others.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have designed technology for solving complex challenges in offshore, coastal and marine water environments since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for better and actionable data and information.

PlumeCast builds on the analytical capabilities of MIKE Powered by DHI’s hydrodynamic, sediment and ecosystem dynamic engines by translating simulation results into actionable information.

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