Speed up your marine projects!

- by instant access to validated metocean data and analytics

Do you spend weeks getting, analysing and reporting your metocean data? Would you like to do this within minutes? Now you can!

The MetOcean Data Portal enables you to download and validate metocean data, including wind, wave, water level and current data – faster than ever before.

The speed and accuracy will greatly benefit users who need reliable data for design and project development purposes.


High quality metocean data is fundamental to the success of any marine project.

Imagine getting immediate access to 40 years of global metocean data, along with quick validation reports and interactive analytics on-demand. Here is what you will get when using the MetOcean Data Portal:

Instant access to worldwide metocean data

It’s easy: Select site, validate, purchase and download accurate metocean data and analytics within minutes.

Data from high-resolution local or regional models, to global coverage datasets

The data is always validated on-the-fly so you are assured of the quality before purchase.

On-demand calculations of commonly requested analytics

Rose plots and weather windows, among others, can be downloaded and easily included in your documents.

Continuously-improving metocean data

The portal is constantly being updated with new and improved data, providing you with the best available metocean information around the world.

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Get started!

The MetOcean Data Portal enables you to access free analytics and download time series data either through a user-friendly interface or using an API.

Simply place the marker on the map, select a dataset, and extract the data for your area of interest.

You are now able to see, print and download an analytic visualisation through time series plots, rose plots, altimeter comparisons (validation) and more.

Key benefits

The MetOcean Data Portal is aimed for feasibility, planning, design, construction and operation in any offshore or coastal water environment globally.

Here’s what you should know about the portal:

The data is based on extensive wave and hydrodynamic modelling covering the period from 1979 to 2019

Site-specific validation of wind and wave data against satellite altimeter measurements are available, prior to data purchase
A key differentiation is the length of the time series, typically 30-40 years, reducing uncertainty on calculated analytics

Data can be saved in different formats (for example, .MAT, .CVS, .NC, .DFS0), and can be easily embedded in MIKE models (for instance, as boundary conditions)
The hydrodynamics and wave data is generated by MIKE Powered by DHI numerical models, the preferred choice of marine water professionals for more than 30 years
Data can be extracted through an easy to use interface or programmatical using an API (for example; cURL, Python, MATLAB)

It’s all about the quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in offshore, coastal and marine water environments worldwide since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market and clients asking for fast and simple worldwide access to information.

The MetOcean Data Portal is the result of our wealth of experience and expertise in providing metocean services, covering almost all seas on Earth for over 50 years. It is a step towards placing user experiences at the centre of our solutions, in our commitment to improve efficiency and enhance value for our clients and partners.