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Bathymetrics Data Portal

It’s critical to map dynamic changes in coastal environments to support impact studies and construction activities along the coast and shallow offshore areas. However, many global coastal maps today are outdated or of low-quality.

Overcome this challenge with the world’s first Bathymetrics Data Portal that aids disaster relief efforts and other time-critical scenarios using reliable water depth data. Whether you go for a subscription or purchase data by the square kilometre, you can save costs while avoiding the added time, permitting hassles and safety risks of field-based surveys. Being satellite-based means your data can be integrated with onshore, subsurface and other project data, making it ideal for use in remote areas and harsh environments.

Instantly access high quality bathymetry data

Our satellite-based high resolution bathymetry products provide a single depth value for every two to 10 meters of the seafloor, as well as a certainty indicator for each data point’s accuracy. We have also included several large-scale datasets for direct download, making it easy for you to instantly get bathymetry data for your area of interest in a ready-to-go data format.

Reduce data costs

Why pay for data you don’t need? With the Bathymetry Data Portal, data can be purchased by the square kilometer.

Start using your data right away

The default XYZ file format ensures smooth integration with all domain specific software. Plus, the data can be delivered in any other GIS-ready format.

Access both local and global scale data

Tap into our comprehensive database for high resolution data for localised projects as well as large volume, lower resolution data for global and international projects.

Have confidence your data is up-to-date

The portal is constantly updated with new and improved data, providing you with the best information available. If we don’t have your area of interest covered, let us know and we will source it for you.

Take a quick tour

Watch how easy it is to search, purchase and download high-quality, bathymetry data.

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Key application areas

The Bathymetry Data Portal is relied on by:

  • The modelling community who require accurate bathymetry for high quality hydrodynamic modeling of the coastal zone
  • Engineering companies working in the coastal zone for use in the initial planning phase and as a first screening before conducting costly field campaigns
  • National authorities and hydrographic offices who need up-to-date information about territorial waters to minimise navigational hazards within their area of responsibility

Get started!

To get started, simply define your area of interest on the map. You can then instantly view all data options and associated pricing. After a simple registration process, you’re ready to complete your purchase and download your data.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in urban, river and coastal environments since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for better and actionable data and information.

Our Bathymetrics Data Portal further demonstrates DHI’s capabilities in providing both intuitive tools and innovative mapping products based on satellite imagery

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