Global Hydrological Model


Extensive online global hydrological database

Save time on your modelling work with instant access to global hydrological hindcast and forecast data.

Global Hydrological Model

Quick access to reliable hydrological data is critical when creating decision support applications. However, this type of data is often limited.
What if you could get high spatial resolution data instantly without the need for additional simulations? DHI’s Global Hydrological Model (GHM) is a subscription-based data portal that gives you just that. With coverage spanning almost the entire globe and major river basins, it’s perfect for planning river operations, as well as for analysing flood and drought indexes and the impacts of river discharges. You can even use it for studies that require finer resolution and local datasets.

Readily available high spatial resolution data

Directly access an extensive dataset of hydrological variables on a global scale with a resolution of 0.1 by 0.1 degree.

Available anytime, anywhere

Tap into a full suite of hydrological parameters – updated hourly – such as river discharge, overland flow, rootzone storage, baseflow, and total runoff with just an internet connection.

Long-term hindcast data

Support your analysis and design work with 20 years of historical global data.

Forecast data for real-time applications

Enhance your real-time operational applications with forecasts updated hourly with a 15-day lead time.

Seasonal forecasting capabilities

Improve long-term planning and risk assessment with a 9-month lead time for seasonal forecasting.

Key application areas

Rely on GHM data to:

  • Create new services and applications based on near-real time data
  • Supply hindcast and forecast data to support modelling work
  • Facilitate easier and faster model setup

Get started!

A subscription to MIKE Cloud is all you need to access the wealth of information available through the GHM.

It’s all about quality

The GHM is DHI’s response to the ever-growing number of global datasets. After carefully analysing and evaluating these global datasets, DHI has developed an automated workflow which allow us to efficiently use them to create and update a global hydrological model to support the demands of today’s market asking for fast and qualified hydrological data.

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