MUSE: Multi-sensor bird detection



Automated, multi-sensor bird detection application

Monitor bird movements in wind farms 24/7 to ensure regulatory compliance and eliminate the need for onsite staff.


Wind farm developers and operators are facing increased demand to track bird behaviour, with regulations in many countries now stipulating shutdowns when rare species or large flocks of birds are approaching.

MUSE, the multi-sensor bird detection application, helps support the need for clear documentation of bird behaviour around wind farms, both before and after construction. Based on an integrated setup of radars and cameras, real-time bird behaviour is automatically recorded and displayed online. This provides developers and operators with frequent, high quality observations without the logistical constraints and risks associated with human access to offshore turbines and substations.

Regulatory compliance

Real-time bird monitoring is now becoming a requirement for obtaining a license to operate wind farms

Automated operation with no human intervention

MUSE is built for enduring offshore and other harsh environments. Compared to traditional surveying with human operators, the system does not require staff in the wind farm for monitoring

User-friendly interface

The straightforward and easy-to-use interface makes it simple to get an overview of real-time and historic bird movements in the wind farm

SCADA integration

MUSE integrates with the SCADA system of the wind farm to allow for automated feedback from the bird detection system to turbine operation

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Get a demonstration of MUSE from our wind farm test site.

Key application areas

MUSE can be used for

  • Environmental monitoring of sea-bird behaviour during operation
  • Baseline data collection for Environmental Impact Assessments

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It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in offshore, coastal and marine water environments worldwide since 1964 and have been involved in more than 80% of all global offshore wind farm projects.

Developed in 2007, our bird detection systems are trusted by the most established wind farm developers and operators worldwide.

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