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1D Pipes & Channels

Evaluate wastewater and stormwater network efficiency to optimise performance


Wastewater and stormwater networks in many cities are, or will soon be, undersized or malfunctioning. Such decline can lead to overflow augmentation, higher flood risks, corrosion due to sulphide gas production, infiltration in sewage networks and increased energy consumption.


Obtain accurate information about the functionality of your wastewater and stormwater network under a variety of boundary conditions with a 1D Pipes & Channels subscription. This affordable package includes MIKE+ Model Manager, and the US EPA engines SWMM and EPANET – everything you need to simulate flow conditions in partial, full and pressurised pipe and channel networks.


Plan, manage and optimise your networks, evaluate green solutions and support new developments. Try the new 1D Pipes & Channels subscription today.

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  1 user* 2 users# More users**
MIKE+ Model Manager
Concurrent simulations 4 Unlimited  Unlimited
  195€ 175€ On request
  Price per user per month for an annual subscription Price per user per month for an annual subscription  


* A single (1) Concurrent User Subscription will permit one user of MIKE+ Model Manager at any time. There is no limit to the number of named users you may specify.
# 2+ users are only available as an annual Subscription (no monthly option).
** Prices for up to 20 concurrent users available. Does not include VAT/GST and other taxes. For exact prices in your local currency, contact your local DHI office.

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MIKE+ Model Manager



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