Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing our best
for people and planet

Using knowledge and technology to support sustainable development in water environments
Our commitment

Sustainability is at the core of DHI.

We focus our business on finding new ways to use, manage and protect water and water-related ecosystems.

We are committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals through our work with organisations all over the world.

It starts with us
We believe corporate social responsibility starts at home.
At DHI, we work with these principles and values in mind:
Shaping a better world together
There is no substitute for water

Future development will greatly depend on water — how it can be shared and managed to counter the demands of urbanisation, climate change, energy transition and more.

For over 50 years, we have been supporting sustainable development in water environments to benefit people and planet.

Here are some recent highlights.

Innovation is the cornerstone of great solutions

Through R&D, we deliver innovation to break new grounds and solve the world’s toughest challenges in water environments.

Our key areas of research include automatic modelling, machine learning, data-model fusion and real-time optimisation and control.

Together with our partners, we continuously invest in the development of our domain knowledge and technologies to transform the water industry.

Sharing knowledge and technology

Our world is water, and our knowledge of water environments represents over 50 years of dedicated research and real-life experience in more than 140 countries.

We make this knowledge readily accessible so that anyone — be it the public or global water community — can benefit.