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Diversity, equality and inclusion

Our approach to diversity, equality and inclusion in DHI

At DHI, our commitment to sustainable development, particularly in water and environmental management, reflects our strategic goals aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are committed to uniting our organisation and maximising the potential of our global competencies and skills. For our people, it means that we enable them to make an impact, we foster innovation, and we grow and develop a culture of collaboration. Our commitment is reflected in a key objective to create an attractive workplace with high employee performance and engagement, and it is linked to our principles of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI). We believe a diverse workforce and inclusive environment are essential for innovation and progress. Our DEI approach embodies this belief, aiming to create a workplace where all employees' backgrounds and perspectives, given not discriminatory in nature, are respected and utilised when possible.

Global perspective and cross-border collaboration
As a global company, our workforce reflects the global community we serve. We bridge borders in our operations, proving that geographical location is secondary to collaboration and skill. Embracing each other's expertise, we work together, breaking down barriers and fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding.


Alignment with global goals and strategic vision
Our strategies are closely aligned with the global goals for sustainable development. We strive to embed these goals in all our documentation and decision-making processes. Our commitment extends to meeting the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Compliance with CSRD is not just a requirement but a reflection of our values and dedication to sustainable practices.


Foster diversity across gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, abilities, orientation and age
At DHI, we value diversity in all its forms, ensuring our global workforce reflects the varied communities we serve. Our focus is on attracting new talent for their fresh perspectives, while also retaining experienced professionals to maintain diversity and inclusion at all levels. This commitment to a broad spectrum of experiences and viewpoints is key to our innovation, performance and growth.


Gender balance commitment
At DHI, we firmly believe that gender balance and inclusivity are pivotal to fostering innovation and excellence. In our annual report, which is publicly available on our website, we provide a transparent overview of our progress in achieving gender equality. To foster awareness and address unconscious gender biases, we will conduct regular training sessions for staff and decision-makers. These sessions will cover topics such as gender and LGBT+ equality, diversity and inclusion, and unconscious bias. The aim is to create a workplace where all employees feel valued and supported, regardless of gender and LGBT+ identities.


Mobility and international networks
Connecting with each other is ingrained in DHI’s culture. We believe in engaging our team members on international assignments to build networks, open their eyes to different cultures, and work on purpose-driven projects. This mobility fosters a deeper understanding of our global impact and the diverse communities we serve.


Flexible workplace
We are committed to provide our employees with a flexible workplace to support balancing their professional and personal lives.


Inclusive recruitment
Our recruitment strategy is focused on attracting the best talent. We aim to create a balanced workforce that reflects the diverse world we live in. Our goal is to develop every individual, helping them to achieve their fullest potential through clear and attractive career path opportunities.


Accessibility of our DEI approach
Our DEI approach is accessible on DHI’s public website and serves as the official certification of our commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and outlines the strategies we will employ to achieve these goals. All data collected and reported in the context of our DEI approach will strictly adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). DHI will ensure the privacy and confidentiality of individual information while promoting transparency in our commitment to DEI.


The Board of Directors, and the Executive Leadership Team of DHI, April 2024

Working at DHI

Working at DHI

For over 50 years, DHI has been committed to advancing and sharing knowledge of water environments. The experience of our people and the power of our technologies are integrated into unique solutions to address any water challenge. 

Our people

Our people

Our history has shaped who we are, but it is our people who make our future. Take a peek into why we love doing what we do through our 'DHI People' stories, where we introduce and celebrate colleagues from all over the world.

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