Wastewater Treatment
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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment plant modelling that does it all


WEST+ is the tool of choice for dynamic modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants and other types of water quality related systems.

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  1 user* 2 users# More users**
WEST+ (includes WEST module)
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Price per user per month for an annual subscription

Price per user per month for an annual subscription



* A single (1) Concurrent User Subscription permits up to two (2) WEST projects to be open and editable simultaneously, execution of two (2) concurrent simulations via the WEST GUI, and use of up to three (3) WEST Editors and Tools simultaneously.
# 2+ users are only available as an annual Subscription (no monthly option).
** Prices for up to 20 concurrent users available. Does not include VAT/GST and other taxes. For exact prices in your local currency, contact your local DHI office.

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WEST+ (includes WEST module)

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