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Leakage Monitor Cloud

Obtain cloud-based leakage data to improve water supply

In an effort to keep leakage to a low economically justified level, water utilities may struggle with limited access to spatial leakage distribution data resulting in poor operational and investment decisions.


With a subscription to Leakage Monitor Cloud, you can easily obtain cloud-based leakage data and key performance indicators. By automatically evaluating leakage data and providing alerts when action is needed, Leakage Monitor Cloud can help you improve water supply efficiency and reduce reporting requirements.


Achieve long-term non-revenue water reduction and improve the reliability of your network. Start using Leakage Monitor Cloud today.

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  Users DMAs#
Leakage Monitor Cloud    
Small 5 20
Medium 15 50
Large 30 150
  Starting at 48€ Starting at 48€
  Price per user per month for an annual subscription Price per user per month for an annual subscription  


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