Metocean Risk Ops


Metocean Risk Ops

Workability assessment application for more agile offshore decision-making

Execute safe and efficient operations on offshore energy assets with trustworthy weather window and downtime analyses that account for practical risk measures.

Metocean Risk Ops

Offshore operators rely on accurate assessments of conditions at sea to support decision making. However, the typical approach of using bulk metocean parameters doesn’t directly account for actual decision drivers.
Execute safe and efficient operations on offshore energy assets with Metocean Risk Ops, the ideal tool for short-term forecast planning and seasonal analyses. The cloud-based application uniquely integrates world-class metocean data and practical risk measures derived from vessel motions. Anyone can simulate the entire operation—no modelling expertise needed! See how Metocean Risk Ops can save you time and money through improved long-term planning and operational support.

Automatically update workability assessments as weather forecasts change

Make agile short-term decisions with automated updates of workability assessments when new weather forecast information becomes available.

Devise long-term seasonal plans based on second-to-none metocean hindcast

Create accurate downtime analyses with the embedded world-class MetOcean Data Portal offering 40 years of validated wind, wave, water level and current data.

Run fast vessel navigation simulations

Easily monitor workability conditions along a user-defined vessel route using the low-demand computational engine.

Perform comprehensive risk assessments

Enrich your workability assessments by accounting for both traditional metocean parameters and vessel motion-related risks based on seakeeping input data.

Work efficiently in an intuitive user interface

Drive key decisions sooner with seamless workflows that allow you to setup, run and view the results of workability analyses in just a few simple steps.

Control schedules and costs

Improve safety and cost-efficiency with Metocean Risk Ops’ comprehensive approach to risk reduction during the planning and operational stages.

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Key application areas

Metocean Risk Ops is a quick and agile decision-making tool designed to help optimise the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) phase of offshore wind farms, long-haul transportations and installations. However, you’ll soon be able to rely on it for the decommissioning of offshore wind farms as well as oil and gas structures.

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Metocean Risk Ops

Monthly Subscription
2,000 €/month*
  • Run weather window and downtime analyses
  • Includes setup and support
  • Access a user profile for creating and storing operational scenarios
  • Pricing based on using DHI’s metocean hindcast and forecast data portal
* An additional one-time setup fee might be required if your offshore site is not included in our metocean portal and for vessel data procurement. Please reach out using the form at the bottom of the page to confirm.

In just a few steps, you can setup, run and update workability analyses. Start by entering details of your offshore site, navigation route and workability limits. Next, choose your vessel type. Unlike other applications which would then require you to extract and import metocean hindcast/forecast data, Metocean Risk Ops takes care of this for you. Soon, you’ll have access to a set of visual and easily-understandable results to plan your work with and share with others.


Offshore Wind and Water Environments

Dive deep into ‘nerdy’ discussions on niche topics like dynamic modelling and monitoring of underwater noise and metocean conditions.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in offshore, coastal and marine water environments worldwide since 1964. We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for fast and simple worldwide digital access to actionable data and information. Metocean Risk Ops builds on the embedded MetOcean Data Portal relied on by over 1,000 professionals worldwide.

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