DHI unveils new software tools for water professionals in latest MIKE 2024 release

DHI has released MIKE 2024, the latest version of their MIKE Powered by DHI software suite featuring advancements across all major products.


The much-anticipated release of MIKE 2024 is now available. This significant update seamlessly integrates reliability and innovation to empower projects like never before. Customers with a valid Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) or subscription can take full advantage of these latest features at no additional cost!   


Highlights from the MIKE 2024 release:

  • MIKE+ introduces numerous enhancements, including BIM file display, Profile Plots, and Version Management improvements. It also extends the Catchment Processing tool, adds a Zone Water Balance feature, Flood Polygons tool, and introduces VSD pump control.
  • FEFLOW improves with DXF/DWG compatibility and an enhanced Well Manager Editor including new rules and a Geothermal extension. A new Python Supermesh (PySMH) simplifies the creation and editing of FEFLOW Supermeshes and Cross-Section Generator supports the extraction of a 2D cross-sectional mesh from a 3D model.
  • MIKE OPERATIONS gets an upgraded Script Manager featuring a new integration with GitHub to streamline scripting and version control. The GIS Manager now offers support for temporal feature classes and the FEFLOW adaptor has been improved to provide support for the new Well Management functionality.
  • MIKE WaterNet Advisor adds automated power and energy reporting. The WD online module has also been redesigned for compatibility with the MIKE+ model database in the SQLite file format.
  • MIKE 21/3 Flow Models FM sees improvements in hydrodynamic and advection-dispersion calculations, along with MIKE ECO Lab workflow enhancements. The Mud Transport module boasts an improved user interface and performance enhancements.
  • MIKE SHE expands water quality and collection system network coupling with MIKE+.
  • WEST introduces activated sludge process tank options, a new evaporation model, new folder selection options, and a micropollutants library.


Ready to dive in?

For full details and to download the latest version, visit download/mike-2024.


See the new features in action at an upcoming webinar:                                                                        

  • MIKE 2024 Release – What’s new in FEFLOW [30 Nov 2023] Register here
  • MIKE 2024 Release – What’s new for cities: MIKE+, WEST, and MIKE WaterNet Advisor [4 Dec 2023] Register here          
  • MIKE 2024 Release – What’s new for water resources: MIKE SHE, MIKE OPERATIONS, and MIKE+ [6 Dec 2023] Register here
  • MIKE 2024 Release – What’s new for marine & coast: MIKE 21, MIKE 3, and MIKE Zero [7 Dec 2023] Register here

For questions, or to reactivate an expired SMA, please contact your local DHI office. 

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