Leakage Monitor


Leakage Monitor

Online application for permanent leakage reduction

Proactively solve leakage challenges, achieve effective long-term non-revenue water reduction and improve the reliability of water supply networks


Water utilities often struggle with reducing NRW levels and keeping them low. However, in many cases, this is simply due to not having access to detailed information on spatial leakage distribution.
To better inform business-oriented operational and investment decisions, try Leakage Monitor. By automatically evaluating leakage data, key performance indicators and providing alerts when action is required - Leakage Monitor is the easy way to keep leakage on a low, economically justifiable level. Plus, there's no need to worry about reporting as that is taken care of in real-time. What’s more, this application can help you identify illegal connections and non-functional meters to further achieve an optimal water supply and reduced legal liability and insurance costs.

Easily access NRW data

Keep a pulse on potential water loss with easy, web-based access to outputs as well as the long-term history of leakage and NRW results through a central database and automatic reporting.

Prioritise leakage repairs effectively

Plan leakage detection works based on a unique cost-benefit analysis with the support of a built-in cost savings calculation model which evaluates your water leakage costs versus repair expenses.

Receive alerts when leakage is detected

Leakage Monitor automatically observes the change of leakage level in DMAs and indicates new leakages, triggering alarms for instant notification based on sensitivity analysis.

Achieve a solid return on investment

Benefit from cost-effective leakage reduction control for water utilities with leakage levels from 10% per year and more. Enjoy comprehensive data management functions for the most effective NRW and leakage reduction strategy and operation.

"We appreciate the massive decrease in the level of leakage together with the pressure optimisation due to effective network zoning design. An important factor for us is a proven long-term leakage level stability, supported and maintained by the Leakage Monitor application. The project itself was paid off by the consequence of early savings that came from water production reduction.”

Karel Eminger, Regional Dispatching Centre Manager, SCVK a.s

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Key application areas

Leakage Monitor can be used to:

  • Significantly reduce water loss and help maintain low leakage levels
  • Plan repairs and optimise your long-term NRW investment
  • Reduce legal liability and insurance cost thanks to fewer main breaks
  • Support pressure optimisation in regards to existing building height
  • Identify illegal connections and non-functional or missing meters
  • Support long-term water balance to ensure sufficient supply, especially in emergency situations

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To begin working towards more effective NRW reduction, we suggest scheduling a demo with one of our Leakage Monitor experts. This is a great way to get familiar with the application and receive immediate answers to your questions. If you decide Leakage Monitor is right for your organization, we'll then begin collaborating with network operators, water utility managers and operations staff to build a custom Leakage Monitor solution.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in urban water environments worldwide since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market asking for fast and simple worldwide digital access to information.

Leakage Monitor is an advanced client-server application that automates data collection and reporting at chosen time intervals, saving you time, money – and water.

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