GlobalSEA Oil Spill


Perform fast and accurate oil spill forecasting on a global scale

Boost emergency response efforts and minimise oil spill impacts with this easy-to-use online application

For oil companies, ports, shipping companies and regulators, emergency preparedness and the ability to minimise the impacts of oil spill accidents is a top concern. With the online application, GlobalSEA Oil Spill, actionable information on the movement and transformation of spilled oil is always within reach.


Oil spills often have disastrous impacts on the environment, human health, and the economy. The ability to quickly and accurately predict oil spill movements can significantly reduce costs and speed up the response time of emergency operations. In addition, a bulletproof response plan is key to meeting regulatory requirements.
Here’s how GlobalSEA Oil Spill can help:

Access oil spill data anywhere

Launch the 100% cloud-based GlobalSEA Oil Spill application right from your browser – no hardware installation required.

Enjoy exceptional ease of use

Anyone can master GlobalSEA Oil Spill thanks to its straightforward and intuitive interface.

Have confidence in the accuracy of your results

GlobalSEA Oil Spill uses the best environmental data in the market to deliver highly accurate results.

Achieve significant cost savings

Customised pricing based on your area of interest makes GlobalSEA Oil Spill a cost-effective choice for any organisation.

Take a quick tour!

Watch this demonstration to see how easy it is to set up a model and run oil spill simulations.
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Key application areas

Rely on GlobalSEA Oil Spill for:
  • Oil spill trajectory planning
  • Oil spill response training
  • Risk Impact Assessments
  • Environmental data

Get started!

GlobalSEA Oil Spill is easy to use. Simply enter the details of an oil spill event, execute the simulation, and you’ll receive an oil spill report within a few minutes.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in offshore, coastal and marine water environments worldwide since 1964.
We answer the demands of today’s market asking for fast and simple worldwide digital access to information.
GlobalSEA Oil Spill builds on world-renowned MIKE Powered by DHI modelling technology including our hydrodynamic model which provides consistently up-to-date environmental data for more accurate results.

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