Monitor extreme weather and operate parametric insurance

Develop, deploy and operate new parametric index insurance products anywhere with this cloud-based platform

Natural catastrophes can ruin whole communities by destroying their financial base and making reconstruction impossible. To make matters worse, many regions of the world still cannot be covered by insurance, in great part because of limited data and models to evaluate financial risks.

Parametric insurance, by relying on pre-agreed payment terms corresponding to simplified modelled indices, can help provide financial protection in markets previously not accessible.

With DHI’s cloud-based NatCatEye platform, users can develop, deploy and operate new parametric index insurance products anywhere in the world.


Parametric insurance enables the exploration of new markets and helps reduce the protection gap in many regions of the world. The development of such products can be hindered by the lack of reliable data or limited access to transparent and robust information systems.

Imagine having access to over 100 public and proprietary data products to quickly design the right parametric index. You can then quickly deploy a dedicated NatCatEye cloud-based platform and begin monitoring real-time indices, receive event alerts and pay-out notices as well as manage your policies.

Tap into a unique and reliable data catalogue

Access over 100 historical and real-time indices from the best available remote sensing data products from NASA, ESA, ECMWF and more as well as proprietary hydrological or cyclonic wind indices.

Embed domain expertise and local knowledge in your product

Adapt your product to local conditions and minimise basis risk with the support of our international and local hydro-meteorologist risk experts

Increase trust and sales

This transparent communication and marketing tool enables current and prospective clients to visualise and better understand the index and insurance product through a public interface

Manage alerts, policies and payouts

Receive event alerts and manage product portfolios and pay-outs directly through the administration interface

Fast deployment in a robust environment

Adopt proven and professional technologies to ensure smooth, secure and reliable handling of real-time information and large datasets

Key application areas

NatCatEye can be used to:

  • Analyse historical events
  • Monitor and receive alerts for extreme weather events
  • Design parametric index insurance
  • Operate parametric index insurance

Get started!

Start screening issues or directly designing detailed adaptation strategies.
NatCatEye makes the best use of simple information for high level decision making as well as detailed information to support complex decisions.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been supporting the implementation of parametric insurance products since 2009.

We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for better and actionable data and information.

NatCatEye delivers to our clients decades of expertise in remote sensing data handing, hydrometeorological modelling and monitoring, risk analysis and IT system deployment.

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