Plan how to best implement flood protection measures and support emergency response

Produce dynamic flood maps in the cloud and access mapped and aggregated damage loss calculations with ease

Decision makers all over the world are confronted with the challenge of protecting valuable community assets against flooding from the sea, rivers, and micro bursts in urban areas.

In response to this challenge, FloodRisk provides engineers, hydraulic and modelling experts, urban planners, climate economists and emergency agencies the ability to test different climate scenarios and the effect of proposed mitigation measures.

With its user-friendly web-based interface, anyone can produce dynamic flood maps and access mapped and aggregated damage loss calculations with ease.


It’s time to consider additional measures to better protect our communities from the damaging effects of floods.

FloodRisk is now available to support your investigation of the potential risk reducing effects of flood protection measures such as dikes, sluices and pumps in coastal, inland, and urban areas. It can even be used in Early Warning mode to evaluate emergency response scenarios with various mobile protection measures and damage loss indicators.

Save money

Know where to invest and allocate resources through access to accurate information on damage losses and mitigation measures

Support planning and early warning decisions

Gain key planning insight via scenario analyses and forecasts of water levels, runoff and cloudbursts for powerful, early warning support

Encourage co-creation and dialogue with stakeholders

Invite partners and stakeholders to set up scenarios and view results to support co-creation and co-decision making in choosing the best flood protection strategy

Have confidence in the accuracy of the system

Rest assured the results obtained from the coupled 1D-2D flood models are highly accurate as the system integrates MIKE Powered by DHI’s cloud-optimised computational engines

Get started today

Anyone can use FloodRisk so even non-modelling experts can access results sooner due to the straightforward workflow and easy-to-use interface

Key application areas

FloodRisk can be used to:

  • Perform climate adaptation analyses
  • Guide investment strategies
  • Conduct damage loss impact analyses
  • Develop flood prevention schemes
  • Support long and short term planning and decision making
  • Support emergency planning and early warning efforts

Get started!

FloodRisk is easy to use and follows a simple workflow: Define the event of interest e.g. a storm surge event with river runoff, rain and wind. Add damage losses by uploading an asset map and loss curves. Then incorporate mitigation measures by simply drawing on a map. Conduct a scenario simulation in parallel with other scenarios prepared for comparison and lastly, inspect and compare results as animations, flood/damage loss maps and aggregated losses.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in water environments since 1964 and have responded to the demands of today’s market and our customers’ requests by offering you fast and simple, worldwide digital access to data and information.

FloodRisk builds on MIKE Powered by DHI’s powerful engines covering combined 1D and 2D hydrodynamics that are trusted and recognised by water professionals all over the world.

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