Coastal Screener


Coastal Screener

Online application for screening of beach designs

Assess design ideas for artificial beaches and beach nourishments in waterfront development or beach erosion mitigation projects.

Coastal Screener

In waterfront development or beach erosion mitigation projects, architects, planners and engineers often need to quickly develop beach design or nourishment options. These designs are usually hand-sketched, and then evaluated by coastal engineers using back-of-the-envelope calculations.
Coastal Screener allows quick screening of different beach designs to ensure erosion protection and the sustainability of new waterfront developments. Simply input the length of the structures, nourishment size and desired beach position along with local wave conditions to drive the evaluation. Get predictions based on wave data from DHI’s MetOcean Data Portal. The process is so simple — no special modelling expertise is required!

Evaluate beach designs for waterfront developments during the early planning stage

Input the stable orientation of the beach and you can evaluate beach designs for waterfront developments during the early brainstorming stage of a project

Quickly determine the viability of beach nourishments at your site

With a few clicks on a map, you can determine the necessary length and width of the required beach nourishment to quickly assess its viability for coastal protection

Enhance the creative process

Coastal planners and architects without modelling skills can take part in the creative process by making fast assessments of different beach designs to screen their feasibility

Get started right away

Even non-modelling experts can begin using Coastal Screener right away thanks to its straightforward and easy-to-use interface

Key application areas

Coastal Screener can quickly and easily screen:
  • Brainstorming ideas for beach designs in waterfront developments
  • Beach designs to mitigate coastal erosion and flooding
  • Beach nourishment designs to mitigate coastal erosion
Plus, you can use Coastal Screener to optimise the length and width of beach nourishments to meet targeted beach widths.

Get started!

Coastal Screener is so easy to use. In just a few steps, you can screen the viability of a beach design or beach nourishment and share the results with others. Simply start by drawing the supporting structures and the position of the beach. The tool then shows the stable beach-position as well as the length of the structures and area of the new beach. You can then modify the length and position of the structures and immediately get the response of the coast.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in offshore, coastal and marine water environments worldwide since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market as customers are asking for fast and simple worldwide digital access to actionable data and information.

Coastal Screener builds on the parabolic equation for crenulate bays by Dr. Hsu and the solution of the Pelnard Considere (one-line) equation. Combined with DHI’s advanced sediment transport calculations, this helpful tool then determines the future beach position.

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