Prepare agile climate adaptation investments

Analyse future flood risks and design cost-effective adaptation strategies with this intuitive desktop application

Quantifying the impacts of flooding is the first step to understand and actively manage risks.

ClimADAPT seamlessly integrates inundation scenarios with assets maps and damage functions allowing users to quantify impacts and analyse risk distribution, now and into the future.

With ClimADAPT, even non-expert users can efficiently project and analyse inundation risks, simulate residual risks from structural interventions and establish the benefits of adaptation schemes.


Flooding can deeply affect the security and development of societies. Quantitative impact assessments identify the population, assets and infrastructure at higher risks and provide key evidence to design and compare the performance of different risk management strategies.

Imagine having the ability to quickly simulate and analyse both the economic and human consequences of flooding for the coming decades. With this knowledge, you can create and combine interventions to evaluate residual risks, cost-benefit ratios as well as review the performance of ongoing planning efforts.

Generate ensembles of inundation scenarios

Produce inundation maps directly from the built-in, fast coastal inundation model or import your own hazard catalogues of inundation scenarios

Analyse risks at scale and over time

Compute, analyse and visualise risks at the asset level and aggregate risks at the level you need for the coming decades

Capture tangible losses and human impacts

Get full control to define asset direct damages, indirect losses from business interruption and population inconvenience

Create and test adaptation pathways

Design structural interventions and combine them to create adaptation pathways. Simulate residual risks and evaluate cost-benefits against inaction.

Fast track decision making

Non-experts can easily prepare, modify and run scenarios to test new ideas or as new information is made available

Communicate clearly and objectively

The GIS-based interface and clear metrics allow users to quickly analyse and communicate results between stakeholders

Take a quick tour

Preview the graphical user interface and key features of ClimADAPT

Analyse adaptation performance
Analyse impact of intervention on flood hazard
Analyse loss exceedance curve for any year
Define direct loss curves
Analyse risk over time
Define sea boundaries for inundation modelling
Visualise inundation evolution over time
Define intervention types and costs

Key application areas

ClimADAPT can be used for:

  • Flood hazard and risk analyses
  • Flood risk assessments and management
  • Climate change adaptation planning
  • Emergency planning

Get started!

Get started immediately to screen key flooding issues or design interventions and detailed adaptation plans. In just a few simple steps, you can load existing flood scenarios and asset layers, design interventions, assess their economic performance and share the results with others.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in urban, river and coastal environments since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for better and actionable data and information.

ClimADAPT expands the analytical capabilities of MIKE Powered by DHI’s hydrodynamic simulation engines by translating flood hazard results into objective economic metrics to facilitate decision making.

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