Notice regarding restructuring process of the DHI Group

Notice regarding restructuring process of the DHI Group

On behalf of the Board of Directors in DHI, I wish to inform you that the DHI Group is restructuring its corporate set-up.


Effective as of 31 December 2018, the activities of DHI, CVR no. / TAX no. 37057819, will be transferred to DHI A/S, CVR no. / TAX no. 36466871, and the existing DHI will be closed. The owner of DHI A/S will be a new foundation, DHI Fonden. We are making these changes to create an internationally-recognised corporate structure mirroring our global business.


The changes will not imply any changes for the activities performed by DHI, but in the future it is DHI A/S who will be responsible for performance hereof. All contracts etc. concluded with DHI will be passed on to DHI A/S without changes.


The process of closing down DHI will follow the process for liquidation of companies in the Danish Companies Act. In continuation of the decision to initiate the liquidation, a public announcement will be published in Statstidende in January 2019.


If you have comments or questions to the imminent restructuring, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Best regards,

Mikkel Esbjerg, Vice President, Group Legal
Agern Allé 5,
2970 Hørsholm,

Q: What does this mean for me as a DHI client?

A: The name change to DHI A/S is a corporate restructuring that will not affect activities performed by DHI. All products, services and support provided to our clients will remain unchanged.

Q: Is your address the same as before?

A: Yes, the address will be the same.

Q: What about the bank details of DHI A/S?

A: The bank details and account of DHI A/S will remain unchanged.

Q: Are contact persons, phone numbers and emails the same as before?

A: Yes, everything will be kept as it is.



DHI A/S assumes all liabilities and obligations of DHI (CVR No.37057819)

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