MIKE 2023

MIKE Powered by DHI introduces new software release to confront emerging water issues

Redefine what’s possible with the latest innovations from MIKE Powered by DHI


DHI has launched MIKE 2023, the latest release of leading water modelling technology suite MIKE Powered by DHI. With an emphasis on efficiency and expanded application, MIKE 2023 reveals greater insight into emerging water issues through an expedited model-building process. Against the backdrop of climate change and rising water demand, such tools for superior modelling of water availability, quality and flow are needed more than ever.

Here’s a sneak peek at some new features we know you’ll love.


Advanced complex meshing and model-building support in the new FEFLOW 8.0


For over 40 years, FEFLOW has helped groundwater modellers simulate flow, mass and heat transport processes in the subsurface. MIKE 2023 marks the launch of FEFLOW 8.0 – the first major update since 2015. A hallmark of FEFLOW 8.0 is improved support for complex meshing and model building. Users are now spared the worry of potentially losing information thanks to extended workflows. A new Well Manager supports centralised control of groundwater wells. Modellers will also experience faster build time with a simplified workflow that automatically creates 3D models from a 2D Supermesh.


Ability to couple hydrodynamics and mud transport with MIKE ECO Lab


To investigate complex ecological feedback loops, MIKE ECO Lab now provides innovative hydrodynamics and mud transport coupling capabilities. MIKE ECO Lab can help predict seagrass growth and death in areas subject to increased siltation and determine the effectiveness of nature-based solutions.


Built-in QA support for MIKE+ river models

It’s frustrating when a model doesn’t run or perform as expected. The new Network Analysis tool addresses this by analysing the quality of a MIKE 1D river network within MIKE+ and proposing improvements to avoid instabilities.


Work with your MIKE 1D models in MIKE WaterNet Advisor


MIKE WaterNet Advisor users now have web-based access to MIKE 1D models too. With MIKE WaterNet Advisor CS (Collection System), it’s now possible to set up scenarios, edit models, and run network hydraulics, catchment run-off and water quality simulations. Plus, the results can be shared easily from a desktop, phone or tablet. MIKE WaterNet Advisor is the only product on the market with these capabilities.


Two new models to calculate sediment transport in 3D

To better understand complex sediment problems in marine waters, two new models are now available in MIKE 3 Flow Model FM and MIKE 3 Wave FM. The first includes new 3D sand transport calculations, particularly useful when analysing scenarios where vertical resolution is important, such as trench siltation, scour around monopiles and berms and breaker bar dynamics under waves. The second is a new bed load model after Kovacs and Parker which supports further enhancements to sand transport calculations.


New mud-induced wave dissipation modelling capability

In coastal areas, the presence of a fluid mud layer can affect wave conditions significantly. To account for the possible damping effect fluid mud layers – potentially discharged and transported by rivers, estuaries or dredging operations – may have on near-shore waves, an additional source term has been introduced in MIKE 21 Spectral Waves.


More accurate modelling of surface water-groundwater exchange in steep topography


In river basins with steeper topography, local variation in the subsurface around rivers and streams may not be captured by cell-averaged topography. Therefore, MIKE SHE has been enhanced with two new options for better aligning surface water-groundwater exchange with local variation not captured in coarser model discretisations.


Ability to model PFAS contaminants in wastewater treatment plants

PFAS contaminants are known for their detrimental effects on human health but are ubiquitously present in the environment. And wastewater treatment plants have struggled to remove them. Until now. Using WEST, it’s now possible to predict the fate and removal of PFAS as well as estimate effluent and sludge levels in comparison to regulatory thresholds.


An intuitive MIKE OPERATIONS WebApp to manage real-time systems on the go


Built around convenience, usability and self-service, the WebApp MIKE OPERATIONS 2.0, is a new way to experience the data and operational decision-making platform MIKE OPERATIONS. Share data and results, manage your real-time system and run what-if scenarios to assess uncertainty. Plus, the platform can be configured without additional web development support.


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