ChemBase - Inventory module

ChemBase organizes chemical information (i.e. data on physical, chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties), information on substances and products and the relation to suppliers and customers. Products are built from substances, from other products or from both in multiple layers.

ChemBase can draw information from regulatory lists of substances available directly in ChemBase, such as the EU list of harmonized substance classifications, as well as inventory lists like EINECS, ELINCS, and NLP. DHI maintains a wide range of substance lists, which can be added to your ChemBase on request.

Compliance module

The Compliance module gives the user an overview of the substances in their business according to their REACH roles, i.e. as importer, manufacturer, downstream user or distributor. The module is used for analysis and reporting on yearly substance tonnages across products – essential when assessing the need to register under REACH.

Another feature of the Compliance module is the possibility of running a complete search against specified regulatory lists for a group of products from ChemBase. This is a powerful tool in assessing whether your products contain listed substances, for example banned or restricted substances or Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

SHEdoc module

The SHEdoc module is our Safety Data Sheet Authoring tool. It integrates seamlessly with the DHI regulatory content (the DHI Phrase Library and the DHI Regulatory substance database) to create documents for 45 markets/languages. For more information, see under SDS authoring in ChemManager®.

CHEMCLASS - Classification module

ChemClass is our expert classification module. It integrates seamlessly with the DHI regulatory substance database and classifies mixtures in compliance with the GHS criteria.

An important feature of ChemClass is that it provides classifications in compliance with the national or regional implementation of GHS. It is a well-known fact that despite the adjective “harmonised”, the implementation of the model regulation may vary from country to country. The classification module helps you to comply with the different GHS implementations in a few clicks.

Future modules

ChemManager® is evolving continuously and we are working on adding new modules. Contact us to hear what we are working on right now!