Product safety and environmental risk

Ensuring chemical regulatory compliance worldwide

Every day, people all over the world eat food, take medicines and use technology. The health and environmental impacts of these products have become a visible part of public agenda. Hence, it’s imperative that the safety of these products is ensured at all phases – from production to final use. To do this, manufacturers of all kinds of products – ranging from chemicals and pharmaceuticals to food – have to mandatorily consider all necessary safety and legislative requirements.
The documentation of environmental and health impacts not only fulfil a company’s legal obligations, but also add value to its branding.


  • Documenting safe food, industrial and consumer products
  • Assessing the effect of new technologies such as nanotechnology
  • Meeting dynamic and rigorous regulatory requirements
  • Evaluating environmental impacts


At DHI, we possess an extensive knowledge base related to chemicals regulations worldwide, with respect to product safety. Moreover, we have an established network of contacts with national authorities on worldwide markets. We’re therefore well placed to support you efficiently in bringing your products to the market. We can effectively help you to fulfil regulation and instruction requirements as well as standards and local labelling. For pharmaceutical products, we can help you develop strategies as well as monitor and interpret experimental studies.


  • Expertise and IT solutions for global regulatory requirements (including REACH, GHS/CLP and Safety Data Sheets)
  • In-depth knowledge of human toxicology and ecotoxicology
  • Ecotoxicological testing in compliance with OECD guidelines
  • Risk and exposure assessments
  • Global Product Stewardship