Survey and monitoring

Modern sensor technology. Wireless communication. Customised solutions.

Detailed and accurate information of hydrographic parameters are now more important than ever. Projects are constantly pushing the limits for what is technically feasible. Moreover, accelerating climate change is making existing data obsolete and unreliable. Many operations in marine environments depend on having available, reliable and updated on-line data of waves, currents, wind and so on, for operational control and contract management. Moreover, as global environmental concerns grow, on-line monitoring of the impacts caused by coastal and marine construction activities is becoming standard, as it allows for swift reaction if the impact becomes more severe than predicted or vice versa.


  • Meeting the increasing need for quality on-line data from the marine environment
  • Aligning with a fast-changing climate – meeting the need for updated data on bathymetry, water levels, wave conditions and other such hydrographic parameters
  • Having access to updated and detailed data to set up, calibrate and run models
  • Providing data from as many points in the catchment area as possible – crucial to effective flood and water resources management
  • Navigating projects out of harm’s way by meeting strict environmental regulations, which require now time data


At DHI, we provide tailor-made solutions based on modern sensor technology and wireless communication. Over the past 30 years, we've supplied data to many of the world’s biggest coastal and marine developments. We can deliver data on any platform and location, as per the requirements of the client.


We offer a combined knowledge of data requirements, whether it's for navigational purposes, numerical modelling or related to environmental studies. In connection with site-specific investigations, we also conduct bathymetric and sediment surveys. We establish short- as well as long-term monitoring systems, covering physical, chemical and biological aspects. The results are used for subsequent studies at DHI — for planning, design, monitoring and so on.




We can provide you with everything you need to collect accurate and relevant data for your coast and marine projects. Our tools and services include:

  • spill monitoring with Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), Aqua Visea Data Acquisition and Plume Detection Toolbox
  • Metocean data collection, monitoring and analysis
  • current, wave and water level monitoring
  • bathymetric surveys, reported in AutoCAD®
  • biological monitoring
  • sediment monitoring surveys
  • noise and wind monitoring
  • water quality monitoring
  • dredging and reclamation spill monitoring
  • scientific diving services
  • short- and long-term monitoring systems
  • offshore and near-shore survey and monitoring
  • survey and monitoring for ports and terminals
  • range of survey services including those with portable multibeam as well as single beam echosounder devices, integrated with DGPS, RTK GPS and motion sensors
  • provision of survey and monitoring data for any and all purposes — ranging from navigational purposes and numerical modelling to environmental studies