Climate change

Climate change impacts will hit us first through water

Higher temperatures and changes to other climate variables are leading to sea level rise as well as changes in wave climate, coastal environments, and the availability and quality of water for irrigation and other water demands. An increased hazard of extreme events such as storms, heavy rainfall and periods of drought and water scarcity is also expected.

The scale and nature of projected changes varies across the globe. This necessitates local analyses as well as timely and effective responses to ensure resilience to such changes.

 Responses to climate change are twofold – and they must go hand in hand. They include mitigation of the high concentrations of greenhouse gases and adaptation of human systems to changing climatic conditions.


  • Managing risks to population and infrastructure from sea level rise and changes in storm and rainfall intensity
  • Managing changes in water availability and water quality
  • Ensuring food and water security in changed climates and societies
  • Developing renewable energy sources to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions


In order to adapt to climate change, society will need to ensure infrastructure resilience, sustainable water resources management, and provision of improved disaster management capabilities. All of these will involve decision-making under uncertainties. Our comprehensive expertise in water environments, in conjunction with our advanced downscaling techniques, can form a sound basis for decision-making. It also allows for the provision of adaptation measures, customised to local requirements.


  • Climate change Decision Support System (DSS), based on the downscaling of Global or Regional Climate Models, to project future climatic conditions and associated uncertainties
  • Unsurpassed experience in flood forecasting worldwide
  • Flood risk assessment and management based on advanced modelling techniques
  • Capacity building and training
  • Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
  • Tailor-made IT systems for optimal water management (real-time and planning)



Watch this educational video to see the impact of climate change on Denmark. We worked on this project with AlphaFilm. Funded by the Danish Ministry of Education, the video is available in Danish and English.