Reduce your non-revenue water levels permanently

And get back your investment!

The Non-Revenue Water Solution allows you to manage your water distribution network proactively and intelligently.

An important feature is the financial analysis module. It lets you evaluate your water leakage costs versus work expenses, enabling you to make smart and valid decisions for the future.

Our solution is adaptable to all water utilities.


Few utilities around the world are successful at reducing their non-revenue water levels and keeping them low. Why? Because it is hard to calculate when it makes good business sense to make changes. We offer you a solution, where this is a reality:

Achieving a successful return on investment

For water utilities with leakage levels from 10% per year and more.

Significant short-term reductions in water leakage

Enabling you to finance your long-term non-revenue water investment.

Economical evaluation of leakage

A cost savings calculation model evaluates your water leakage costs versus work expenses, enabling you to make smart business decisions on a daily basis.

More free time

To concentrate on proactive management instead of reactive problem solving.

“We appreciate the massive decrease in the level of leakage together with pressure optimisation due to effective network zoning design. Important factor for us is a proven long-term leakage level stability, supported and maintained by the Leakage Monitor application.”

Karel Eminger
Regional Dispatching Manager
SCVK a.s. – part of Veolia Voda

How it works

Successful and long-term management of leakage levels requires an advanced system with reliable data. This is how our Non-Revenue Water Solution works:

Collaboration with affiliates

We work actively and in close collaboration with all affiliates: network operators, water utility managers, operating staff, and so on.

District metering areas

We break down the distribution system into smaller more manageable units: DMAs.

Complex data collection

Our software collects data from various portals, such as SCADA, GIS, invoicing and metering.

Automatic service tool

The system runs all analyses and prepares output automatically at chosen time intervals. Client gets easy access through a user-friendly web interface.

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Other benefits

Implementing Non-Revenue Water Solution helps optimise and reduce your operational costs, as well as to improve water supply reliability.

Optimised use of existing supply system as well as water resources.

Reduce legal liability and insurance cost because of fewer main breaks.

Help identify illegal connections and non-functional or missing meters in the system.

Want to learn how you can make proactive and valid decisions for the future?