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Knowledge holds the key to unlocking the right solutions to the toughest challenges in water environments. For this reason, research and development (R&D) has always been a big part of what we do at DHI. We have been holding on to this belief for over 50 years – our dedicated R&D efforts have supported the growth and diversification of DHI's technologies throughout the world.

Every year, more than 20% of our resources are allocated to R&D to further our knowledge. Our two main research centres in Denmark and Singapore, as well as offices in close to 30 other countries discover and generate innovative solutions daily – often in close collaboration with clients and partners worldwide.

Our work in R&D is translated into many globally accessible products and services, including MIKE Powered by DHI technologies. At the same time, we also conduct knowledge sharing activities via THE ACADEMY by DHI's seminars, courses, conferences and publications.

We are a not-for-profit organisation – our knowledge is generated for our clients. Solving your toughest water challenges is the main motivator for us to continue our commitment to research, development and innovation for the water environment.

In this issue of the newsletter, we have highlighted a number of solutions that have come from our R&D centres. Read further to find out more about how they may be applied in various areas. We hope you will be intrigued by the read. Do contact us if you are interested in a collaboration or would like to know more.

Best regards,
Jørgen Bo Nielsen
Vice President, R&D

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River basin management scenarios
To ensure sustainable water resources development, river basin management must adopt various water management measures and address multiple objectives. Our map-based screening tool helps in the effective evaluation of planning alternatives. It identifies the most feasible management scenarios, estimates the cost-effectiveness of the different combinations, and includes tools that allow you to export to MIKE Powered by DHI models for more comprehensive process-based river basin modelling.
Assessing soil erosion
Short-sighted land use management, poor erosion control and more frequent high-intensity rainfalls due to climate changes has led to widespread soil erosion - a serious global issue in our world today. Decision makers need robust and appropriate soil loss assessment tools that work even with limited soil and sediment data. Our planning tool does just that – it simulates relative changes in soil erosion rates from river catchments in various climate change and land use scenarios.
Scour around offshore monopiles
The offshore wind energy industry is stricken with the burden of heavy capital investments. To support the industry in its search for lower costs and reduced uncertainty, we have developed a scour prediction tool – DHI’s Scour Calculator (part of the MIKE 21 toolbox). The tool can help predict long-term monopile scouring due to concurrent waves and currents, support simpler and safer turbine designs, as well as contribute to a reduction of required investment.
Chemical compliance
The United Nations model regulation on classification and labelling of chemicals – known as Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) – is being rapidly implemented all over the world. Regions and countries which have chosen to adopt GHS have regulatory systems in place to comply with it. In order to make it easier for companies to commercialise their products in the international markets, we developed a classification tool – ChemClass.
DHI Sense
Traditionally, very expensive, high-end scientific sensors have been used for marine monitoring. This has limited the number of monitoring stations that could be deployed during a measurement campaign, resulting in the omission of proper spatial variability observation. With DHI Sense, it is now possible to produce, assemble and deploy a network of numerous sensors at a comparable cost, without compromising data quality.
Assess hydrogen sulphide formation in sewers
Hydrogen sulphide corrosion affects large areas of a typical sanitary sewer collection system. It is often the main reason behind facilities restoration – the corrosion can require premature repair or replacement of concrete pipes, manholes, wet wells, pumping stations, wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) facilities, and ductile iron force mains. To identify risk areas more effectively and to assess mitigation options, we used dynamic modelling to simulate the process of hydrogen sulphide formation in sewerage collection networks.
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/ THE ACADEMY: Enhance your knowledge

THE ACADEMY by DHI contributes to the global dissemination of our R&D results through training courses, events, university collaborations and publications. Some examples are:

  • Using the results of national and international research programmers to develop training courses, such as ‘Modelling of storm water for green cities – Methods and structures’ and ‘Scour around marine structures – Dealing with scour related problems in water environments’. Interested in joining our scour course? Find out when you can join it in China and Denmark in 2015.
  • Organising User Group Meetings (UGMs), seminars and workshops for you to share your knowledge, ideas, experiences and research results. This year’s meetings will feature news from the upcoming 2016 release. More information is available here.
  • Contributing regularly – in collaboration with clients and partners – to journals, books, papers and other scientific publications and publishing them on our website. Our online ‘List of Scientific Publications’ includes almost 1,000 entries. Access them here.
  • Cooperating with universities, research centres and other knowledge institutions to share innovative solutions and global water knowledge. Institutions that we have partnered with include established universities in India, Malaysia, France and Denmark. Further information is available here.

Please visit our global courses and events calendar to check when courses and events are scheduled in your region and language in 2015.

/ Build your network

Wasser Berlin International Conference on Water Management
Berlin, Germany
24 – 27 March
Conference on Acid Rock Drainage and International Mine Water Association, 2015
Santiago, Chile
21 – 24 April
SETAC Europe 2015
Barcelona, Spain
4 – 7 May

ECHA & Chemicals Forum
Helsinki, Finland
28 - 29 May
International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering
Newfoundland, Canada
31 May – 5 June
IWA Conference on Water Loss Management
Bucharest, Romania
15 - 17 June

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