“Research, development, and innovation are the cornerstone of the solutions and technologies we provide to you – our clients.”

– Antoine Labrosse, CEO


Around 20% of our resources are invested into research and development. This investment is why we are able to produce innovative products that help you handle your unique water-related challenges.


This investment bears fruit for our clients. Every year, our local teams around the world develop new solutions to help you solve some of the toughest challenges in water environments.


We currently have two research centres (in Denmark and Singapore) and four software development centres in Hørsholm (Denmark), Singapore, Shanghai (China) and Berlin (Germany).

In Denmark, we conduct research across the full bandwidth of services provided by us at DHI, while our Singaporean research centre specialises in the marine, industrial, and urban water sectors. In both centres, our staff works in  close collaboration with our clients and end-users on many projects – an important part of the research process.

Among our software development centres, Berlin focuses on groundwater and porous media flows, while Singapore specialises in mobile computing and web services. Hørsholm and Shanghai cover all areas and products developed by DHI.

See below for just a few examples of the results produced by our research centres.



Developing a data portal for the wave and tidal energy industry


A novel integrated concept for retrofitting and optimising existing wastewater treatment plants into energy self-sufficiency


In 2014, we used the expertise gained from projects around the world to further improve your MIKE Powered by DHI experience.

With parallel processing, MIKE users can now take further advantage of high performance computing (HPC) when using our software.


In 2014, THE ACADEMY by DHI trained a record number of clients: more than 5,500 people. In addition to knowledge sharing and capacity building activities, THE ACADEMY also contributes to research and innovation.

Last year, we took the lead on Work Package 4 of the PEARL project, which aims to develop adaptive risk management strategies for coastal communities and added a MIKE HYDRO Basin stakeholder add-on for
Aqua Republica, our flagship serious game.


Our innovation and technology has a long-term positive impact as well – both on the environment and the people around us. Read our 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility report to find out how.

In 2015 and beyond, we look forward to working with you to contribute to solving the world’s water challenges using research-driven technology.

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