Two-day theoretical course

The aim of this two-day theoretical course is to introduce you to the fundamentals in toxicology and risk assessment, including the most important databases.

After the course you will be able to participate in discussions about basic toxicology, and you will have a better understanding of hazard and risk assessment and how to carry out data searches on chemicals.

At the course you will get a brief introduction to toxicology and its basic principles. You will also be introduced to guidelines for toxicological test methods, information searching in internet databases and methods for toxicological risk assessment of a substance. 

The course includes various hands-on exercises in how to find relevant information on chemicals from databases and web searches and how to derive a health based limit value for a specific chemical.

Furthermore, the course includes brief lectures on combination toxicology and properties of nanomaterials - the new challenge in toxicology.


  • The fundamentals of toxicology
  • Areas of application (REACH, medicines)
  • Toxicological testing
  • The use of QSAR in predictive toxicology
  • Test guidelines, including OECD guidelines
  • Examples of risk assessment
  • Discussion: application and future needs of toxicology
  • Hands-on exercises


You have basic knowledge of biology and/or chemistry but want more background on toxicological principles.