Processes and management

In this one-day, introduction course you are given an overview of the physical processes of dredging and reclamation and their impacts on marine environments. The focus is on the environmental impacts of dredging and reclamation projects and the available tools and procedures that can help to sustainably manage these projects both during the design and implementation of the works. The course includes stakeholder analysis and stakeholder involvement in the management of dredging and reclamation projects.

Coastal environments have diverse environmental receptors sensitive to potential impacts arising from dredging and reclamation. These include habitats such as coral reefs, natural resources such as fisheries, economic resources such as water intakes and socio-cultural resources such as tourism facilities. Coupled with the fact that the physical processes of currents and waves can transfer the potential impacts of dredging and reclamation many kilometers from the work area, it becomes clear that the management of environmental impacts of dredging and reclamation is a challenging activity.

The course provides you with the necessary knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological impact processes resulting from dredging and reclamation works and how these can be minimized through project planning and environmental management during execution.


  • Overview and analysis: The dredging and reclamation process and techniques
  • Potential environmental impacts
  • Mitigation options
  • Sediment physical properties
  • Natural sediment processes
  • Handling contaminated sediments
  • Introduction and analysis of the EIA-process
  • Optimisation of reclamation design
  • Environmental management during construction
  • Stakeholder management


Public servants, developers and professionals in the fields of environmental management, coastal engineering, master planning, coastal administration and project management who are involved in the planning, management or approval of dredging and reclamation projects.