Agent based modelling

In this one-day, hands-on course you will receive an introduction to AMB ('Agent Based Modelling') Lab and how to set up simple agent based models in the MIKE FM modelling complex.

The ABM Lab module allows you to formulate agent based models within the MIKE FM series of hydrodynamic environments of the MIKE by DHI framework. ABM Lab is a flexible numerical laboratory where you can define agents, their behaviour and their states. The Lagrangian ABM Lab can work with hydrodynamics alone or it can be combined with the Eulerian MIKE ECO Lab in order to make the agents react to water quality parameters.

ABM Lab allows you to address questions that are beyond the scope of traditional water quality models. Therefore, agent based modelling has received much attention in recent years.


  • Fundamentals of ecological modelling
  • Introduction to MIKE ECO Lab/ABM Lab and dialogue overview (working with the editor; integration to HD engines)
  • Guidelines for ecological model development
  • How to set up MIKE ECO Lab/ABM Lab
  • Calibration and validation procedures
  • Trouble-shooting advice
  • Hands-on exercises
    • to construct your own basic ABM model
    • to set up and run MIKE 21/3 ECO Lab simulations (FM series)


Professionals in environmental engineering and management working with shallow inland lakes or coastal areas. You should have a background in applied water quality aspects and/or biology and preferably with experience in MIKE ECO Lab either through experience or through following the course 'MIKE 21/3 ECO Lab - 2D and 3D water quality and ecological modelling' prior to the course.

It is also an advantage if you have knowledge of the MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 FM modelling complex.