How to prepare for and manage floods

In this this one-day, thematic course we aim to provide you with an overview of integrated solutions available to allow you to address disaster risk management with respect to floods. How can you make a difference in preparing and subsequently manage floods.

Disasters are of concern for almost all countries and are growing in terms of people affected and economic losses. A majority of all disasters today are related to hydro-meteorological factors, with floods (inland and coastal) as the main factor causing disasters. A changing climate will increase the risks for many regions. 

In recent years several floods have resulted in severe damage and health problems due to lack of timely and coordinated communication and lack of preparedness of local government and support services. The missing integration of knowledge and dissemination of information causes greater damage and hence costs. 


  • What is disaster risk management
  • Prevention and mitigation of floods
  • Improving preparedness
  • Prediction and warning,
  • Response in form of flood  maps and dissemination of information to the public 
  • Presentation of integrated solutions for  flood risk management
  • Examples of local/regional/international cases
  • Legislative framework (optional and depending on the office)


Managers and professionals involved in flood management and flood risk  management. It is preferable but no condition that participants have previous experience with water management, hydrology and models.