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We are back with the October edition of the DHI Group Newsletter. Moving forward, you can expect to receive the newsletter every quarter in your inbox, where you will find news from DHI’s global offices as well as highlighted projects spanning our areas of expertise. The newsletter also includes information about our upcoming events. Come meet us in the city closest to you – either at one of the many training courses we offer or at a conference you will be attending.

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Our projects
Expanding Tórshavn Harbour
Designers of Tórshavn Harbour had one major limitation in increasing its capacity – the coastline in front of the historical Skansin Fortress had to stay intact. To fulfill this requirement, we tested and optimised a proposed 1.3 km long breakwater to ensure the harbour expansion could proceed without interfering with Skansin's coastline.


Supporting Danish river basin management plans
The European Union’s Water Framework Directive sets the basis for managing and protecting the ecological values of European water bodies. DHI was commissioned to assist in developing tools for setting nutrient load targets to ensure ‘good environmental status’ in Danish marine waters, allowing authorities to develop specific river basin management plans.


Protecting and enhancing surf amenity
Surfing is an estimated USD 7.3 billion global industry. To meet increasing demand for surfing amenity assessments by government agencies and community stakeholders, we developed a range of tools that provide them with the confidence and certainty needed to evaluate the potential impact of coastal developments on the local surf amenity.
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We join the World Ocean Council
By collaborating with the diverse international ocean business leadership community that comprises the World Ocean Council, we aim to better engage in sustainable development and stewardship of the marine and coastal environment. Our membership in the WOC fits well with our efforts to help solve the world’s toughest challenges in water environments.
And also
Meet us
7-8 Oct
ESRI Conference


3-5 Nov
Australian Groundwater Conference
Canberra, Australia


9-11 Nov
WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit

1-4 Dec
NZ Hydrological Society Annual Conference
New Zealand


2-4 Dec
International Seminar on Environmental Issues in Mining
Lima, Peru


7-10 Dec
Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium
Learn with us
Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide variety of training courses. Check when courses are scheduled in your region and in your language – and mark your calendar now.
14-15 Oct


Italian DHI Conference 2015
Torino, Italy


20-21 Oct


MIKE User Group Meeting and training
Vienna, Austria
28-29 Oct


Numerical modelling for geothermal installations (FEFLOW)
Sendai, Japan


9-10 Nov


MIKE User Group Meeting
Auckland, New Zealand
18-19 Nov


MIKE User Group Meeting
Oslo, Norway


4-25 Nov


Morphodynamic shoreline modelling


Groundwater Flooding in Bavaria
Munich, Germany


18 Nov


MIKE User Group Meeting
Nantes, France
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