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NEW: A quick guide to offshore wind development

Get tips on how to overcome engineering and environmental challenges

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A quick guide to offshore wind development

Overcoming engineering and environmental challenges

Learn how to apply the latest advancements in water modelling, management and research to de-risk and streamline the development of your offshore wind investment while protecting the environment.
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Addressing aging urban water infrastructure

Best practices and digital solutions

If you work with urban water, this eBook quickly demonstrates tools and processes that can help you take a proactive approach to tackling aging urban water infrastructure.

A quick guide to Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM)

Step-by-step processes and tools

If you work in water utilities or city government, this eBook outlines all you need to know to launch an IUWM approach.

Shoreline Management Guidelines

Handbook for coastal processes

A practical guide for coastal planners, engineers and authorities for each step in the coastal planning process.

Water resources management in a changing climate

The practitioner’s guide

Learn how to deal with climate change challenges for successful water resources management.

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