Learning Specialist, the Czech Republic

Gabriela Mudrová started a new career during the pandemic

Gabriela is from our Human Resource team in Prague, and she supports learning activities and onboarding programmes within DHI. And she has many creative talents too – come discover what they are!


Hi Gabi! Thanks for agreeing to this interview - tell us a little about yourself!


My pleasure to be here! I’m Gabriela (or Gabi) and I am Learning Specialist at DHI. I’m located in Prague where I have lived most of my life. In Prague, I studied Adult Education and Human Resources, so I am lucky I get to combine both domains in my current role in DHI.


When and how did you join the DHI family?


I joined DHI in February 2021 during probably the toughest COVID-19 lockdown we had in Prague. Some weeks after I applied, I received a call from my manager Radka Lopomo. Compared to interviews I had at other companies before, talking to Radka felt like the most natural thing, like talking to a friend. She was talking about Campus courses and nerdy (in a good way!) engineers teaching these courses and how we coordinate and support all of that … I could totally picture myself doing such a job. So, when I heard back from Radka that she’d like to have me on her team, I didn’t have to think twice about my answer.


What does a workday look like for you, and what's the best part?


Every day there are several administrative tasks and standard Campus operations which include a lot of communication with participants, instructors, managers and other stakeholders. Part of my daily agenda is also maintaining our learning system and its content, and then different tasks connected to our global onboarding program for new colleagues. The best part of my workday is whenever I get to work on any creative tasks, for instance, learning videos for our courses. When I’m in the office, the second-best part is to socialise with my team and other colleagues.


How has your role evolved since you joined us during the pandemic?


I started in a support role for our DHI Campus platform and internal training activities. Gradually, my role has evolved into Campus manager. That means that on top of being in a supporting role, I drive the entire lifecycle of training courses (from initial planning to post-course evaluation) and I manage queries and requests from various stakeholders (participants, instructors, managers, external course vendors, Finance, Business Systems, HR-Support, The ACADEMY and others). Beside Campus offerings, I have become involved in other internal training activities such as mandatory awareness trainings (GDPR, Cyber security, Anti-Corruption), trainings in newly launched products and other internal workshops and webinars for specific groups of employees.


Since the pandemic, I have taken up a role in the DHI onboarding program where I am currently the overall coordinator of the program and also occasional host of the live sessions.


What's something people would be surprised to know about you?


When I was still at school, I won a few competitions in tale writing. I wrote scripts for short theater plays, and I also wrote song lyrics. I enjoy writing, creating stories and playing with words, their sound, rhythm and meanings. Lately I haven’t produced much, but I have a notepad where I store all good ideas to further develop.

'I started in a support role for our DHI Campus platform and internal training activities. Gradually, my role has evolved into Campus manager, driving the entire lifecycle of training courses.'

Gabriela Mudrová

Learning Specialist, the Czech Republic

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