Storm water management and climate adaptation in Hungary

Providing planning framework to cities of Tát and Tokod

In 2014, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) together with Norway Grants, have approved a programme that will help solve water concerns of the cities of Tát and Tokod. The programme, Elaborating a Concept for Precipitation Management and Adapting to Climate Change in the Settlements of Tat and Tokod (EEA-C3-8), aims to find the best solution for the two municipalities in the issue of urban storm water. The goal of the project is to increase knowledge about the effects of climate change in the topic of storm water and to take the first steps at climate adaptation in the region. Another aim is to mitigate the damages caused by extreme rainfalls. In recent years, the cities have been under threat of urban flooding and high groundwater levels. DHI has been engaged to provide advanced knowledge of surface water, groundwater and urban water systems through a complex integrated mathematical model using the MIKE Powered by DHI MIKE SHE and MIKE URBAN software.