Safe bathing water in the heart of Copenhagen Harbour

Timely and efficient Bathing Water Quality Forecast System to ensure safe waters

A destination that boasts of attractive beaches and safe waters promises to draw tourists and, thereby, serves to boost the nation’s tourism industry. The city of Copenhagen succeeded in providing locals and visitors a recreational bathing area in the very heart of the city, amidst the beauty of its worldrenowned harbour.

Copenhagen’s harbour faces the same threats to water quality as any other harbour: heavy rainfall, frequent release of sewage water and induced pathogenic bacteria. However, DHI – in collaboration with the City and Copenhagen Energy (the provider of the sewer data) – developed an innovative Bathing Water Forecast [BWF] System. In doing so, we transformed the city’s harbour and provided complete value for the investments made by the city for the sewer. Today the down town swimming area is a popular leisure destination where visitors can safely enjoy without the fear of contracting waterborne diseases.