To improve decision-making processes, Northwest Skåne’s Water and Wastewater AB (NSVA) has a continuous need and responsibility to quickly respond to daily operational challenges and find efficient ways of managing hydraulic and water quality conditions in various
water distribution networks.

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Working in close collaboration with NSVA, DHI secured optimal implementation of MIKE WaterNet Advisor. By utilising the Decision Support System (DSS), NSVA is now able to improve several aspects of their water system operations.

Solution highlights:

  • Supporting efficient daily planning and operation
  • Ideal front-end user interface provides overview and easy access to essential information required for efficient and intelligent decision-making
  • Platform to share all information with internal staff across the organisation

With MIKE WaterNet Advisor, the client was able to perform a wide range of hydraulic modelling tasks, manage models more efficiently, present easy-to-visualise results and control their water network anytime, anywhere.

More about MIKE WaterNet Advisor

MIKE WaterNet Advisor helps water utilities, consultants and emergency response teams improve efficiency in the day-to-day operations, management and reporting of water networks with easy, web-based access to hydraulic conditions. With WaterNet Advisor, you can make critical operational decisions based on real-time information, boost the results visualisation power of existing modelling software and access models from any device with no special expertise required.

The online model in MIKE WaterNet Advisor is a ‘live’ version of the hydraulic model where water levels, water consumptions, pump and valve settings are as in the physical system. This is accomplished by developing an automatic data link between the hydraulic model and SCADA (telemetry) database and update of the hydraulic model.


Better evaluation of water distribution system performance during normal operation

Fast response to emergency situations within the water
distribution system

Quick access to information on
remaining capacity in water distribution networks

About the client

Northwest Skåne’s Water and Wastewater AB (NSVA) manages municipal water and wastewater operations in Helsingborg as well as several other cities in Sweden. While being responsible for all activities related to water and sanitation in the region, the company works continuously to improve water systems in the owner municipalities.

Software used

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