The Kecskemet water network in Hungary currently supplies water to a population of approximately 100,000 people including to the nearby Helvécia and Ballószög municipalities. To improve water distribution and quality, our client Bácsvíz Zrt approached us to develop and calibrate a hydraulic model based on pressure and flow monitoring.
A GIS-based hydraulic model of the water supply system – suitable for carrying out many analyses – was developed to describe the current network operations. This model was first developed in MIKE URBAN (now MIKE+) and then uploaded to MIKE WaterNet Advisor for easy on-site access to real-time scenarios, leading to more efficient decision-making and overall improvement in water supply and quality.

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There was no detailed hydraulic model prior to this project and the decision was made to create one based on the geographic information system (GIS) and customer information data. The aim was to see if the model could provide information useful for operating and improving water supply conditions and water quality. The pipe network consists of 675 km of pipelines, diameter 40-700 mm, primarily made of AC, KPE, PVC, 2,450 fire hydrants and 23,000 water connections. There are two water works with a total capacity of 40,500 m3/day and one 3,000 m3 storage tank. The system demand is about 480 l/s. The client needed a solution that would provide quick and accessible information to their entire network at a glance.


To capture the details and characteristics of the water network, we created a hydraulic model that includes the water supply pipelines and all factors that significantly influence flow and pressure conditions, such as reservoirs and major pump stations. It was first developed in MIKE URBAN (now MIKE+), calibrated, and then uploaded into MIKE WaterNet Advisor, a Cloud application that allows easy sharing of the model across the water utility.

Due to its ease of use – there was no need for special knowledge to operate – MIKE WaterNet Advisor was also used during training and knowledge transfer. The application is mobile, meaning that the model can be accessed from any device, be it a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. At the site, managers are able to use their tablets to access the hydraulic model for real-time operational decision making.


Instant access of hydraulic model and scenarios from any device

Efficient real-time operational decision making

Overall improvement in water distribution and quality

‘The project fulfilled all the terms of the contract with Class 1 performance. The work done by DHI was high level at both professional and organisational level, and we would recommend DHI for similar projects.’

Dezső Tóth, Water Service Technical Manager
Bácsvíz Zrt

About the client

Bácsvíz Zrt. is one of the 12 largest water utility providers in Hungary, with a workforce of over 650 employees by 2015, with sales of HUF 7.3 billion. The company is a significant member of the Hungarian Water Utility Association (MaVíz), an interest representation body of Hungarian water utilities.

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