Improving river efficiency

Modelling the Murrumbidgee to improve river management

The 1,600 km long Murrumbidgee River system in New South Wales, Australia, is an important source of water for irrigation, urban water supplies and river wetlands. As one of Australia’s longest rivers, its daily operation is also very complex. Excess water is often released – and subsequently lost – to the river system due to this complexity. To help the State Water Corporation of New South Wales make better informed decisions, we worked with them to develop the Computer Aided River Management system (CARM). CARM is driven by MIKE OPERATIONS and integrates models that reproduce key catchment and river processes with real-time measurements for the entire Murrumbidgee River system. It gives river operators insight into the current and forecasted state of the river, allowing them to combine dam releases with natural tributary inflows. This enables them to deliver the right amount of water to the right location.