19 Mar 2020

How DHI is handling COVID-19

DHI has implemented measures to protect staff, limit spreading of COVID-19 and ensure business continuity

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

It goes without saying that DHI has implemented all the measures to protect our staff, to limit the spreading of COVID-19 and to ensure business continuity. As a global group, we have been able to learn from our colleagues in China and Italy who were the first to be hit by the virus. We have scaled those lessons to all our business units, allowing us to ramp up our preparedness ahead of national decisions.

I am really proud of the sense of responsibility, the resilience and the creativity my 1088 colleagues have demonstrated in this crisis situation.

So far, our IT infrastructure has kept up with the increased load of remote connections, allowing us to ensure continuity in our daily operations. For the services not requiring physical presence, we will be able to service our customers and partners relatively undisturbed. Physical meetings, site visits and survey operations will be impacted. Our teams are engaging with you to agree on the best way forward to ensure progress in your projects.

For our MIKE customers, my colleague Stefan Szylkarsky, SVP Sales, will make a post about the measures we are taking to help keep your operations running when working remotely and to offer you more flexibility in times of uncertainty.

DHI is fortunate to have a financially robust position, which will allow us to continue to support you through these difficult months.

I wish your people and organisations strength and courage throughout the crisis. If there is anyway DHI can be of further assistance, or if you have questions, feel free to reach out to me directly, by email asl@dhigroup.com or on my mobile: +45 40265141

Antoine Labrosse