08 Oct 2019

DHI becomes SWAN Forum member to promote value creation through digital transformation

DHI is pleased to announce its membership with the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) – the leading global hub for the smart water and wastewater sectors. Joining SWAN gives DHI an opportunity to share cutting-edge research and proven digitally driven water solutions with the global water industry.  

DHI will actively participate in the fast-growing SWAN Digital Twin H2O Work Group, which aims to accelerate the water sector’s adoption of Digital Twins. As described in a recent DHI blog post, The Digital Twin: What is it and how can it benefit the Water Sector?, applying operational data, machine learning and physics-based models to Digital Twins help decision makers simulate a real object, its environment, and interactions in real-time. According to Dr. Richard J. Vestner, DHI Group’s Chief Digital Officer, Digital Twins help direct cost savings related to decreased waste, increased efficiency and reduced downtime. Thereby, supporting operators to make faster and better decisions.

Commenting on this exciting new member news, Amir Cahn, Executive Director of the SWAN Forum, said, 'We are thrilled to welcome DHI, a recognised smart water leader, to the global smart water hub. Together with the efforts of DHI and their wealth of expertise in Digital Twins, we hope to see utilities leverage these smart technologies across diverse departments to make better forecasts, prioritise capital planning and optimise operations.' 

As a member of the SWAN Forum, DHI will join global water leaders including utilities, solution providers, engineering firms, governments and academia to identify and help solve important utility challenges. The role of the SWAN Forum in providing a platform for the exchange of experience in developing and implementing smart solutions, is a great catalyst to promote and continue innovation in business process improvement and customer success. It fosters co-creation through innovative partnerships.

For further information contact: 

Cecilia Wennberg,
Vice President Urban Water at DHI