01 Jun 2018

CNN: Copenhagen in Denmark named best city in the world for swimming

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DHI runs a daily bathing water forecast and beams water quality information through the web and a bathing water app. © VisitCopenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, has been named by CNN Travel as the top city for swimming this summer, ahead of Rio de Janeiro – home to the famous Copacabana Beach – and Sydney, where Clovelly Beach is a haven for snorkellers.

Amager Beach Park and the harbour baths at Islands Brygge and Fisketorvet received special mention. DHI was heavily involved in the creation of the Amager Beach Park, making sure the construction of the beach park was aligned with governing waves conditions, and ensuring sand transport is minimised and the bathing waters well-maintained.

It’s not just about having access to good recreational facilities. Bathers need to know if the water quality is safe. This is of paramount importance to Copenhagen, as one of the few cities in the world which can boast to have harbours clean enough to swim in. The sensational harbour baths at Islands Brygge and Fisketorvet are perfect examples and remain popular choices of tourists and locals living nearby. 

To make water quality information easily available to the public and authorities, DHI runs daily bathing water forecasting by tracking every spill from the sewers and simulating spread and decay of polluting bacteria. This information is then broadcasted through the web and an app downloadable from the Apple and Android stores.

Download it if you’re visiting Copenhagen this summer: