31 Jan 2017

Bathing water quality forecast at your fingertips

Helsingborg, a coastal city in southern Sweden, is very proud of their beaches. Residents and tourists alike use the beach on a regular basis and the recurrent poor bathing water quality on several beaches has caused concern among the public.

Following last spring’s bathing water assessment DHI did for the city, authorities have now approached us to establish a bathing water forecast service. The people of Helsingborg need to be able to check water quality on a daily basis – and we are going to make it happen.

A bathing water forecast will give the public of Helsingborg information of the water quality on a daily basis. © Helsingborg

A bathing water forecast service – via web and smart phone
Currently, water quality of the beaches is only checked a few times during the bathing season and the test results arrive 2-3 days after the sampling is made. This process takes too long to be meaningful.

With the development of a digital bathing water forecast service, the public will be able to access water quality information at their fingertips – and decide instantly if they should take their recreational activities elsewhere for the day.

The Helsingborg service will be an integral part of the DHI Bathing Water Forecast services and will be available both on the web and smartphone this summer.

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