20 Dec 2016

Reducing water consumption in food production

DHI in a Danish partnership on resource and water efficient industrial food production (DRIP)

DRIP is a public/private partnership focused on water efficiency in the food industry, one of the largest water-consuming industries in Denmark and globally. 

The Partnership's ambition is that food companies can produce more with less water. By developing new, sustainable water and production technology solutions, DRIP aims to reduce the water consumption of top Danish food businesses by 15-30%.

DRIP will reduce water consumption in leading Danish food producers by developing new sustainable water and production technology solutions and concepts. © Shutterstock / A_Lesik

DRIP activities

The partnership brings together Danish strongholds in food and water technology in a focused partnership with eight work packages in which DHI is taking the lead in:

  • Work package 2 – Mapping and system analyses
    Objective: For the four involved food sectors – to establish an overview comprising water and energy flows, and resources consumption including raw materials and auxiliary chemicals/ingredients – and to identify and evaluate new scenarios – to be tested – for improved water efficiency as well as savings in other resources.
    More information: Click here.
  • Work package 3 – Water efficient production lines including closed loop solutions
    Objective: To develop, test and – where feasible – demonstrate new technology and solutions for increased water efficiency through introduction of new water saving productiontechnology or new closed water loops within the four industrial sectors: dairy processing; brewery; marine ingredients; slaughterhouses and meat processing.
    More information: Click here.

Vision: Fit-for-purpose water
By 2025, the most competitive water-using industries will be those that use a ‘fit-for-purpose' thinking. What does ‘fit-for-purpose-water’ mean? It simply means matching the quality of water with an appropriate usage scenario, which is fit for that type of water quality. It means working toward very efficient use of water, such as through closed circuit, supported by leading technology providers with the required level of food quality and security, and in accordance with environmental legislation.

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