27 Nov 2015

DHI participates in Aquaculture Europe 2015

At the recent Aquaculture Europe 2015 (AE2015) in Rotterdam, Netherlands, DHI’s representatives presented a number of case studies showcasing our capabilities using MIKE Powered by DHI technologies.

Titled ‘Site selection of future large fish farms in inner Danish waters assisted by numerical modelling and GIS’, and ‘Is the expansion of offshore marine aquaculture compatible with the water framework directive and the marine strategy framework directive? Four case studies from the Baltic Sea, Denmark’, the presentations were delivered by project managers Hanne Kaas and Mads Joakim Birkeland respectively.

AE2015 is the annual conference of the European Aquaculture Society. This year’s meeting, held 20-23 October 2015, focused on the role of aquaculture in the management of natural resources and highlighted the importance of aquaculture in society through the provision of high quality, nutritious and healthy food.

Aquaculture is now the fastest growing business in the world, making up 9% annual growth on a global scale. This growing industrial sector could benefit from DHI’s knowledge, tools and consulting capacity. Some key observations from the conference:

  • There is an enormous knowledge deficit in many critical areas
  • There is a huge gap between the scientific world and practitioners
  • New technologies are emerging at a fast pace
  • Many issues which we deal with on and solve on a daily basis are completely unknown to the industry

DHI is always looking into solving new challenges for new clients. Our expertise, tools and experience in evaluating site selection, the impacts of offshore aquaculture farms on the environment and water forecasting are second-to-none. We are also exploring the possibilities of using MIKE Powered by DHI’s WEST for modelling closed aquaculture systems to enhance water treatment and production planning.

If you have a tough challenge to solve in your aquaculture environment, reach out to us at mbi@dhigroup.com (Mads Joakim Birkeland) or gdr@dhigroup.com (Guillaume Drillet).

Mads Joakim Birkeland, our Business Development Coordinator, sharing his presentation at Aquaculture Europe
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